New Alarm Systems

One of the first steps you can take to prevent false alarms is to have your system installed by  a reliable company  that is properly licensed to install alarms systems in New York State. The New Castle Town Code makes it unlawful for an alarm contractor engage in alarm business activities without being licensed by the State of New York. The NY Division of Licensing provides an Online database where you can search for licensed installers.

In our efforts to reduce the number of false alarms the New Castle Police Department has joined the False Alarm Reduction Association, FARA. These FARA publication’s help consumers make an informed decision when choosing an alarm system and alarm company.

Consumer Protection and the Alarm User-Before you Buy

A Consumer Guide to Purchasing a Burglar Alarm System

New Home Move-Ins Is There a Security System Already Installed

If you need additional information about new alarm systems please contact the Alarm Coordinator at 238-7293