New Castle Community eNewsletter 03/16/18

New Castle Community eNewsletter 03/16/18

The New Castle eNewsletter

NEW: Con Ed Providing Food & Medicine Reimbursements for Nor’Easter

Con Edison said today that the company will reimburse customers for food and prescription medicine spoilage if they lost power for three consecutive days or more during the two nor’easters that slammed the region recently.

Customers may receive reimbursements for up to $225, or up to $515 with receipts. Business owners are eligible for food spoilage reimbursements up to $10,200 with receipts.

Those seeking to file for reimbursements can check the company’s website here.

Community conversationsNEW: Community Conversation: Lessons Learned from Winter Storm Emergencies

Ivy A. Pool
Council Member
Town Board liaison to the Community Preparedness Committee
Together, our community has just weathered a series of winter storms that resulted in widespread power outages, closed roads, and other emergency conditions. After an intense week of response and recovery efforts, we are pleased that all customers within the Town of New Castle have had their power restored. Like you, we are exhausted and relieved that this event is over.

Now we have a critical task to perform: while our collective memories are fresh, now is the time to learn from what happened and use these lessons to enhance our Town’s emergency response plan, as well as our own individual and neighborhood-based plans. Climate change is real; and weather-related emergencies can and will happen again.

The Town would like you to join with us in asking and answering questions such as: What can be learned from what happened? What worked well and what did not work? How can we improve our readiness and response?

On Wednesday, March 21st at 7:00 p.m. at the Chappaqua Library, the Town of New Castle will host a Community Conversation to discuss lessons learned from this event. We want to hear your feedback, comments, concerns, and suggestions. We will also invite experts on solar power and generators to provide real-time responses to some of the questions you may have.

The Town Board will use the results of this session, as well as our internal review and analysis, to present recommendations for improvement to ConEd.

If you cannot attend but wish to submit comments, please email them to

NEW: Reminders Regarding Tree Care After the Recent Storms

Stephen Coleman
Environmental Coordinator/Town Arborist
tree damageThe recent storms have caused a lot of tree damage and we wanted to remind you that the Town does have a tree ordinance that regulates the removal of trees. We also wanted to let you know that Town residents are permitted to bring storm damage related tree debris (branches, cut up sections of trees, limbs, etc.), to the Town refuse and recycling department at Hunts Lane. Residents will need to provide proof of residency.

Please be sure to not place tree related debris at the curbside, unless you are arranging for private pick up and disposal. The Town DPW will not be picking up any tree related debris that has been stockpiled along the road edge. Tree related debris that is left as a result of Con Edison work within utility wires, will likely not be picked up and disposed of by Con Edison.

General Maintenance

Removal of trees that have significant storm damage (major limbs fallen and tree is not structurally sound, or uprooted, etc) are permitted to be removed without a tree permit. In addition, general tree maintenance including the pruning of snapped branches, limbs, etc., and normal pruning are also permitted without a tree permit.

When a tree permit is required

If you anticipate having to remove trees, the Town does require a tree permit application for the removal of healthy trees. If the tree is completely dead, or presents a serious hazardous condition, no tree permit would be required. However, we strongly advise that you work with an Arborist to make this determination. The Town also reserves the right to evaluate the hazardous condition of the tree prior to removal.

The Town requires a tree permit for removal of trees based upon the following criteria:

  • Any clearing (10 or more trees).
  • Within the regulated landscape buffer zone, any removal of a tree with a diameter of four inches or more.
  • Outside of the regulated landscape buffer zone, any removal of a tree with a diameter of eight inches or more.

Please note that if you plan on removing healthy trees, the ordinance does include a tree replacement provision. The Tree Ordinance is Chapter 121 of the Town Code and the tree permit application and Chapter 121 can both be downloaded from the Town’s website.

Town right-of-way Trees and Trees within Utility Wires

The Town maintains a right-of-way, which on average is approximately 25 feet on both sides from the center of the road. (Note- this distance may vary depending on road history, etc.)

Within the right-of-way the Town is responsible for maintaining existing trees. In addition, the right-of-way usually includes existing utilities that are maintained by various utility services such as Con Edison, Verizon, Cable, etc. Regarding utility maintenance, these entities are responsible for management of trees within their wires. These utility companies (mostly Con Edison performs periodic and routine line maintenance of all of their utility lines throughout the Town. This involves tree pruning and removal of trees when determined a potential risk to utility wires. They also take care of any emergency removals associated with trees in wires.

The Town also performs routine maintenance of trees within the right-of-way that are not related to the utility company’s role and function. We routinely survey existing trees and remove trees that are considered hazardous within the right-of-way. We often rely upon residents to inform us of potentially dangerous or dead trees that may be within the right-of-way. The Town will review and assess and then if the tree needs to be removed, will either be removed by Town staff, or the work contracted to outside tree professionals. If you observe any trees that you are concerned with, please call the Department of Public Works at 238-3689.

Tree Maintenance and Prevention

The recent storm events illustrate the importance of proper routine tree maintenance, and we strongly encourage you to have your existing trees properly managed and maintained by tree professionals. Prevention is often the best strategy for protecting your home and property. During storm events it is not possible to predict which trees will be impacted, often trees that cause problems have no outward visible signs that they are unhealthy or a hazard. Routine maintenance annually is one of the best strategies to hopefully minimize the potential impacts from trees being damaged during storm events. The Town actively manages the trees within their right-of-way areas and also relies upon utility companies to perform routine maintenance. Please feel free to reach out to the Town if you see trees that you may feel are a potential issue along our road ways. We will do our best to address the situation.

Monday, March 19th: A Conversation with Rob Greenstein, New Castle’s Town Supervisor

LWV LogoBy Sheila Bernson and Jennifer Mebes Flagg
Co-Presidents of the League of Women Voters®
of New CastleThe League of Women Voters® of New Castle invites the community to join in a conversation with Town Supervisor Rob Greenstein on Monday, March 19, 2018 at the Chappaqua Library Theater from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Rob Greenstein is the Supervisor and chief fiscal officer of the Town of New Castle. He establishes agendas, presides over Town Board meetings, signs all agreements and contracts on behalf of the Town and is responsible for maintaining financial stability of the Town of New Castle.

Join us for a lively discussion on many topics and issues of the day. Coffee and light refreshments will be available. For more information, contact the League of Women Voters® of New Castle at

Come with your questions for Supervisor Greenstein.

The League of Women Voters®, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

NEW: Just In Case You Missed It

Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

  • Power Outage
  • Composting
  • Coffee & Conversation with George Latimer
  • Chappaqua Downtown Revitalization
  • Gun Violence
  • RBI Summit
  • Eric Doppelt
  • Eagle Scouts>/li>

Click here to read this week’s Supervisor’s Report.Jill Shapiro
Town Administrator

  • After the Storms, a Note of Thanks
  • Tax Receipts
  • Winter Tips
  • Reminders regarding Tree Care after the recent storms:
  • General Maintenance
  • When a tree permit is required
  • Town right-of-way Trees and Trees within Utility Wires
  • Tree Maintenance and Prevention

Click here to read this week’s Administrator’s Report.

Concussions: What You Need to Know

For the “Concussion Management Program” piece, please change the title to “Concussions: What You Need to Know” & use the attached graphic instead of the movie graphic

Concussions can happen to the best of us – even the hard headed ones. Northern Westchester Hospital is offering a free program on concussions at the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center. The program will include a showing of the movie Concussion starring Will Smith. Immediately following the movie a panel of expert clinicians from Northern Westchester Hospital will lead a discussion and a Q&A session.

Saturday, 03/24/18, 1:30 PM
Chappaqua Performing Arts Center
480 Bedford Road
Chappaqua, NY 10514

NEW: Chappaqua Performing Arts Center – Hubbels Music: A Celebration of Young Talent

hubbels music
Please join Hubbels Music of Bedford Hills, NY in a night that showcases just some of Hubbels’ hardworking and extraordinary young pianists! In addition to students performing the works of composers such as Handel, Chopin, Fauré, Mozart and Rameau, they will be joined by studio owner and pianist Kate Demas, Manhattan-based soprano and fellow Keene alumni Jenny Beauregard, and Carnegie Mellon standout violinist Jasper Rogal, accompanied by Hubbels’ teacher Lynda Rogal. All ticket sales will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation of Hudson Valley.

March 16 Time: 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

Chappaqua Performing Arts Center, 480 Bedford Road, Chappaqua, NY 10514 Get tickets here.

NEW: Chappaqua Performing Arts Center – An Intimate Evening With Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie LeeTwo-time Grammy winner Rickie Lee Jones exploded onto the pop scene in 1978 and has made a career of fearlessly experimenting with her sound and persona over 15 critically acclaimed albums. A cultural phenomenon, Rolling Stone magazine put her on its cover twice in two years, and Saturday Night Live gave her an unprecedented three songs for her second appearance. Rickie is both a character in the songs and the songwriter singing, defying convention with her sometimes brazen sexuality and the mixed bag of jazz, rock and what has come to be known as ‘confessional’ songwriter performances.

March 23, 2018, 8-10p, Chappaqua PAC, 480 Bedford Road Chappaqua, NY 10514 Tickets are available here.

NEW: CSF March Madnessmarch madness poster

NEW: Chappaqua Orchestra Music is Science!

Going to be very engaging and educational experience for your children! Don’t miss this amazing event!! Click here for tickets

NEW: Chappaqua School Foundation Spring Benefit

Click here to buy tickets for the benefit.Spring Benefit

NEW: Take It Or Leave It Opening on April 7th

TIOLI ShopThe Take It Or Leave It shop at the train station is planning to open for the season on Saturday, April 7. The shop will be open from 9 am to 12 noon every Saturday, weather permitting, until the cold weather sets in next fall. We look forward to handling usable items that are no longer needed by their owners. Everything is free.

Our basic rules are simple:

Only New Castle residents can leave things, because we have limited space – everything not taken by noon must go back into the shed. But anyone in neighboring communities, as well as New Castle, can take things.

Items should be handed to staff volunteers, who will unpack boxes and place things on tables.

No drop-offs after 11:30 am.

No books, clothes, oversize items or things in bad condition. Volunteers have the right to refuse items.

We look forward to another successful free-cycling season!

NEW: HGHS 2018 Senior Musical


It’s 1979, and New York’s hottest A-listers are lining up for the opening of a floating casino and discotheque. Also attending is a faded disco star, a sexy nightclub singer with her eleven-year-old twins, a disaster expert, a feminist reporter, an older couple with a secret, a pair of young guys who are looking for ladies, an untrustworthy businessman and a nun with a gambling addiction. What begins as a night of boogie fever quickly changes to panic as the ship succumbs to multiple disasters, such as earthquakes, tidal waves and infernos. As the night turns into day, everyone struggles to survive and, quite possibly, repair the love that they’ve lost… or at least escape the killer rats. (Synopsis from MTI)

Get ready to enjoy disco era classics like “Knock on Wood.” “I Will Survive,” “Never Can Say Goodbye,” “I am Woman,” and “Hot Stuff.”

See if you can survive “Disaster.”

You’ll need tickets to get on board.

All Seats $20.
Thursday, March 22nd at 7pm
Friday, March 23rd at 8pm
Saturday, March 24th at 2pm and 8pm
Horace Greeley High School Auditorium

NEW: Youth Mental Health Project

Congregation B’nai Yisrael and Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester are spotlighting the importance of children’s mental health by hosting a special event open to the entire Westchester community. On March 28, 2018 at 7:00pm at The Chappaqua Performing Arts Center, the organizers will hold a special screening of the award-winning film NO LETTING GO, followed by an informative discussion facilitated by the screenwriter, mental health advocate, local resident, and real-life mom behind the film’s story, Randi Silverman.

Tickets can be purchased for $18/adult and $10/student (appropriate for age 13+). All proceeds from the event will go to support the work of The Youth Mental Health Project, a New York based nonprfofit whose mission is to empower, educate and support families and communities about the importance of youth mental health. For more information visit their website or email Sue Blenke.

Coffee & Conversation: County Executive George Latimer & Legislator Mike Kaplowitz

March For Our Lives Benefit Concert

march for our lives benefit concert flyer

Chappaqua Library Lecture

Lecture: How Does This End? Reflections on U.S. Strategy and the North Korean Threat
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 @ 7PM

As Washington faces the rising threat from a nuclear armed North Korea, American options have narrowed and the risks associated with each option are clearer than ever. The Endgame on the Korean Peninsula is approaching. Evans J. Revere, nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a former senior U.S. diplomat, will address the options, the risks and answer any questions, including: Will the U.S. accept a nuclear-armed North Korea or is the Trump Administration heading for war on the Korean Peninsula?

Mr. Revere has been interviewed by major news outlets and will appear on CNN talking about North Korea

Revere is returning to the library by popular demand. His talk to the Foreign Policy Discussion Group was judged to be the most insightful information to date.

Town Camp Registration is Now Open

Town Camp registration is now open!. Early bird discounts by May 4th. Save $50 to $100 per registration (Tots, Camp Adventure and On the Go). Camp Catalog

Online registration : You will be required to enter dates of your child’s immunizations. Please have these dates available before you start the registration process. All online registrations will be charged a 2% Convenience Fee.

In person or mail in registration: You may print the registration form, complete the form along with immunization dates and mail the form and payment to New Castle Recreation, 200 South Greeley Ave, Chappaqua, NY 10514 or bring the form and payment to the Recreation & Parks Dept. Office at Town Hall, Monday – Friday, 8:45am-4:30pm

Every Person is Connected Committee Presents Autism Day at Six Flags Great Adventure – May 3rd 2018

One-day general admission ticket valid Thursday, May 3, 2018. This is an exclusive event and is not open to the general public. The park will be open 10:30 am -6 pm. Children 2 years and under are admitted free. Autism Day tickets are the only tickets valid on this day. Season Passes, Memberships and All Season Dining Plans are not available for this event. This is an exclusive event and not open to the general public. The park will be open from 10:30 am – 6 pm. Children two and under are free. Purchase tickets here.

Play Ball! Chappaqua Elementary Spirit Day at The Ballpark!