Town of New Castle Administrator’s Report – 10/09/18


New Castle Administrator’s Report – 10/09/2018

Jill Shapiro
Administrator, New Castle

2019 Tentative Budget

The 2019 Tentative Budget was rolled out last Tuesday, October 2, 2018. The tentative budget is the first step in creating the 2019 Budget. It is proposed by staff to the Town Board and serves as a starting point in the approval process for the 2019 Budget. The tentative budget has been posted on line and the Comptroller, Rob Deary, has updated OpenGov to include comparisons of the 2019 Tentative Budget with the 2018 Adopted Budget for the public’s information. OpenGov is a very user-friendly tool to assist the public in understanding the financial implications of the 2019 Tentative Budget. My budget message is posted here.

The Board will be considering modifications to the tentative budget based on its meetings with department heads last week. These modifications will be discussed at the next work session, October 16. Comptroller Rob Deary will be present at that meeting to discuss those changes and to answer any other questions the Board may have about the budget or the budget process. The Preliminary Budget, the Town Board’s budget will then be set down for a public hearing on November 27, 2018. At that time, Rob Deary will give his full budget presentation.

Route 120 sidewalk replacement project

Rte 120 SidewalkWork on the 120 sidewalk project is on hold. Although the vast majority of the project is complete- the contractor, Pallindino is awaiting fabrication of the last catch basin. Once that is received, the catch basin and remaining curb can be installed. The sidewalk can then be completed. Once the sidewalk is complete, NYSDOT has already assigned a contractor to mill the pavement and repave that section of NYS Route 120.

IT Training

Tomorrow our staff will receive IT training specifically addressing cyber threats and learning to have heightened awareness about opening emails with attachments- even if you know the party who has sent it. This is especially challenging in the work environment when it is counter intuitive not to open an email that may be a request for assistance.