Town of New Castle Administrator’s Report – 11/13/18

New Castle Administrator’s Report – 11/13/18

Jill Shapiro
Administrator, New Castle

Route 120 sidewalk almost complete!

The last section of the 120 sidewalk from Elm Street up to Grafflin school is being completed over the next two weeks. The last catch basin is being installed and then the remaining granite curbing and concrete will be poured- of course weather permitting. That will close out this project.

Joint Meeting with Pleasantville

Last week the New Castle Town Board and the Pleasantville Village Board had their annual joint meeting at the Water Treatment plant to get a state of the plant update from United Water/Suez, the private entity that has been running our plant for the past 10 years. The contract for that operation expires at the end of the year and we are exploring our options to determine the most efficient way to run the plant for the next term.

2019 Preliminary Budget

2019 Preliminary Budget and Budget Presentation has been posted to the website.

During the budget process there are changes from the Tentative Budget to the Preliminary Budget and from the Preliminary Budget to the Final/Adopted Budget. These changes are expected and are the reason why creating the budget is a “process.” The 2019 Budget is no exception. One of the few changes from the Tentative Budget to the Preliminary Budget involves payment of the debt on the infrastructure upgrades to Sewer District #1 and the King-Greeley Sewer District that flows into it to reach the County trunk line. The $1.8 million dollar sanitary sewer improvements will result in an average increase of $216.55 to 90 taxpayers in Sewer District #1, and an average increase of $104.81 to the over 400 taxpayers in the King- Greeley Sewer District.

Comptroller Rob Deary will be present on November 27 to give his full Budget presentation on the 2019 budget and to answer any questions the Board or public may have.