Town of New Castle Administrator’s Report – 11/28/17


Jill Shapiro
Administrator, New Castle

Leaf blowers

A reminder about leaf blowers. Leaf blowers are not allowed before 8:00 am Mon thru Fri, and 9:00 am on Saturday & Sundays.

Holiday Lights and More!

Holiday lights are up in Millwood and being completed in Chappaqua. Lights in the Chappaqua Hamlet will be up by Friday. Our tree wraps in the triangle were turned on right before Thanksgiving! The exterior of the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center is being painted tomorrow. That work completes the outside replacement of facie board and soffits around the building. Also DPW is ready for winter- all plows have been installed and our salt dome is full.

Safety at the Rail Road Crossing

The testing of the long awaited new safety system at Roaring Brook Road grade crossing was activated Monday, November 20 for the morning commute. This is part I of the new system which has an audio message to move off the tracks if it senses a vehicle has remained in the box between the two sets of warning arms on either side of the tracks too long.Part II of the safety system is a preemption system tied to the traffic signal. This is still under design and the MTA should have a status on implementation this week. When we receive further word from them we will pass it along.

Recycling News

As of January 1, 2018, Sani Pro will no longer pick up residents recyclables if they are in plastic bags. They are proposing a bright green OOPS sticker attached to the bag left behind explaining to residents why their recyclables were left. The Board will review the proposed sticker prototype at next week’s Town Board Work Session.