Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report August 14, 2019

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New Castle Supervisor’s Report – 8/14/19

Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

Northern Westchester Rally for Gun Reform

rally for gun reform flyerJoin us on Saturday, August 17th, 10am – 12pm, Gazebo, downtown Chappaqua for the Northern Westchester Rally for Gun Reform

After Sandy Hook, we said never again. Since then, there have been over 2,000 mass shootings. We mean well when we follow the same script… shock, anger, grief and sorrow, thoughts and prayers, calls for action. Raise $ for the victims. Hashtag city name followed by strong. The list of communities torn apart by mass shootings keeps growing. And, after each mass shooting we ask, will this time be different? Will outrage compel political action, as it has done in other countries. Why wasn’t Sandy Hook enough? Why wasn’t the next shooting enough? What will be enough? Nothing has changed. Being sad or mad is not enough. Those who are here are committed to end gun violence. We need each & every community to get involved NOW before their community is added to the list of communities that are victims. Let’s start here, right now. Let’s have our voices heard from this moment on. This isn’t a party issue. This isn’t politics. This is about life or death. This is about our children. This is about whether we are a civilized society that is willing to stop this ridiculous violence. Log on to Scroll down and you can sign up for their newsletter for updates on gun violence prevention and safety. Let’s speak to our neighbors, our friends, our relatives. Let’s encourage everyone to take action. That’s how we will effectuate change. That’s the only way. Please join us as we mobilize the community in demanding stronger gun safety legislation be passed in Congress.

The Town Board also wrote letters to Senators Mitch McConnell & Charles Schumer Requesting Action on Gun Safety Legislation.

School Safety

Happy to report that CCSD has conceptually agreed to a School Resource Office (“SRO”). New Castle Police Department & CCSD have a very strong relationship, and that relationship will continue as they work together with SRO. I want to personally thank CCSD for their thorough process & their commitment to safety.

Recreation – Millwood – Millwood Park

I am happy to report that Senator Peter Harckham has awarded New Castle with $250K grant to be used on recreation activities on town property. At last night’s work session, we discussed allocating this grant. The money must be spent on Town property, preferably in our parks. The Town Board would like to see the funds allocated to Millwood, especially since we are spending so much money on the downtown infrastructure project. There’s a lot we can & should do at the Millwood Park (next to Rocky’s).

  • Lights around the tennis courts
  • Lights around the baseball/softball field
  • New playground equipment
  • Renovate baseball/softball infield – widen the base path, regrade and replace infield clay surface, replace infield sod.
  • Resurface tennis courts – possibly add some basketball hoops
  • Increase size of parking lot, if possible
  • Make path ADA accessible (we must do this if we work on park)

Unfortunately, $250K would only cover a fraction of the above. We are looking into doing ALL OF THE ABOVE. We are looking into going out to bond, and paying the debt on the bond with the new revenue generated from the cell tower coming to Millwood before the end of the year (to be installed at the water treatment plant, near the electric towers). The Town Board already agreed that this revenue would be spent on improvements to Millwood. Thank you to our recreation commission for their input.

Recreation – Downtown Chappaqua – Basketball Court / Inclusive Playground

basketball and playgroundAs far as the timing for this project, we are preparing to reissue Request for Proposal (“RFP”) by Sept, to be awarded late Oct/early Nov. Construction to start 2020. Completion spring/summer 2020.

Downtown Chappaqua Rezoning

Work continues on the rezoning of downtown Chappaqua to encourage more housing options, more entertainment options & increased more parking. Our consultant is now working on zoning diagnostics and writing the first draft of the Code. Watch “Chappaqua Form Based Code Community Meeting 7/23/19”. Read more about the Chappaqua Hamlet Rezoning Project and watch the meetings here.

Downtown Chappaqua Infrastructure and Streetscape Project Update

Downtown Chappaqua ConstructionBy Pizza Station, they will install rebar for the seating wall footing & then install concrete for the footing, and later in the week install rebar & then concrete for the actual sitting wall. By Citibank, we removed the concrete sidewalk by Citibank & excavated for the footings for our new clock. This week they will install rebar for the seating wall footing & then install concrete for the footing, and later in the week install rebar & then concrete for the actual sitting wall. On South Greeley From Pizza Station to 120, next week they will grade for the sidewalk & then pour the sidewalks. As far as the alley net to the old Hall of Scooper building, next week they will place concrete for the sidewalk. In front of Starbucks, next week they will form the ramp & sidewalk then pour concrete. They will also place concrete for the brick pavers. As part of the traffic light installation, they started to install the 5 pedestrian poles at the King/Greeley intersection. The pedestrian pole by Starbucks was installed. This week they will install a pedestrian pole by Sotheby’s & George’s Men Shop. We will be excavating for the pedestrian pole footings, installing rebar & then concrete for the pole footings. We will also be excavating & installing electrical conduits. By George’s Men’s Shop, they excavated, installed rebar & will now place concrete for the traffic light pole footing. Next week they will pour concrete for the sidewalk on North Greeley by Sotheby’s. On upper King to the project limit by the old Methodist Church, next week they will be pouring concrete for the new sidewalks. As far as the excavation for the new sitting wall in front of Great Stuff, last week we discovered a buried oil tank. Work immediately stopped work at that location. DEC was notified. When removing the oil tank, another oil tank was discovered. Inspections were done. All necessary remediation was completed. This week testing will be done on the soil, and then it will be hauled away. Next week they will install rebar for the footings then install concrete for the footing. Then they will install rebar & then concreate for the actual sitting wall. As far as the alley way on upper King, they demolished the existing steps & graded for concrete & brick pavers. From North Greeley to Waka, this Saturday they will excavate the sidewalk from the intersection to Waka. Next week they will install electrical conduits & light pole footings then grade for new sidewalks. We have excavated the steps by Bank of America. This week they will pour concrete for the steps by Bank of America. As far as Whispering Pines, they excavated the steps and installed concrete for reinforcement. This week they will install the footings for the new steps and next week install the steps. Full depth reclamation started last week from 8pm to 6am along South Greeley Avenue. Work began south of the Shell gas station and proceeded north up South Greeley Avenue. This week, at night, they will work to Woodburn to King. During the day they will be working in the parking lane on South Greeley. We will post signs reminding people that stores are open and parking is available behind the stores. Next week they will work on the King & South Greeley intersection. Please remember to check the Town of New Castle website for all updates. To date, there have been 50 updates.

New Restaurants

Bobo's Cafe & Taco StreetBobo’s Café is now open. Check out their menu here. Taco Street is now open as well!

Chappaqua Crossing

New Chappaqua Crossing Traffic LightNew traffic light has been installed. The drainage structure for the alternative Con Ed gas line issues is being delivered this week and final paving is scheduled for the week of August 26th. I also want to mention that the 3 dead trees on the Roaring Brook Road median will be replaced soon. There are another 40 trees being planted once the road work is done. That middle median will also be mowed this week.

Leaf Blower Environmental Protection Law

We held another public hearing on 07/16. We discussed the public comments received in our next work session on 7/30. At the suggestion of the SAB, this legislation will be temporarily put on hold as they review all the public input. Suggestions from passionate people on all sides of the issue continue to be received and our SAB does not believe at this time that we will develop a law that achieves the goal of sufficiently protecting the environment while reasonably mitigating the impact on constituents. They are requesting time to review the information that has been obtained over the past few months and then propose a law that will achieve our collective goals.

Holocaust Memorial

We accepted donation from Manzer Landscaping who donated a rock for a memorial, 3 rock to form a bench, a cherry weeping willow tree & labor & materials. Thank you to Ali Rosenberg & Stacey Saiontz for their commitment & work on this incredibly important initiative. We will soon be announcing the creation of the New Castle Holocaust & Human Rights Committee.

2019 Summer Concert Series

8/14 – The Chappaqua Orchestra

Thank you to our sponsors Breezemont Day Camp, Sunshine Children’s Home & Rehab Center, Chappaqua-Millwood Chamber of Commerce, Financial Asset Management & Korth & Shannahan.