Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report December 17, 2018

New Castle Supervisor’s Report – December 17, 2018

Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

Joan Corwin

Joan CorwinFor almost 50 years, Joan Corwin has been responsible for the transportation of New Castle residents. We trusted her with our children, parents, teachers, coaches, residents of all ages. She was, for all of us, a neighbor who helped neighbors. Joan’s professional accomplishments cannot be isolated to her work running Chappaqua Transportation. She was a bookkeeper, a nurse, a businesswoman. She was a mother and a grandmother. She was a volunteer in so many causes. She was a pillar of the community! But more than anything else, let’s just take a moment and think about what Joan meant to all of us. Whether our children used the bus every school day or only occasionally, whether they were off on a field trip or to a sporting event, an academic competition or a special occasion, she was the person we ultimately trusted with their safety. And here’s the greatest tribute to her: we never gave it a second thought. Rest In Peace, Joan. You will be missed greatly.

Vanessa Williams / Frank Shiner Holiday Concert at ChappPAC – December 18

vanessa williams flyerDid you know Newburgh was ranked as the 14th most dangerous city in the United States? Chappaqua residents Vanessa Williams and Frank Shiner know this & they are coming together to donate a holiday performance at our own Chappaqua Performing Arts Center this Tuesday, Dec., 18th, 7pm. All proceeds of the event going to support San Miguel Academy of Newburgh which takes at-risk boys from the city of Newburgh and puts them on a 12 year education path of success at zero cost! Please join me and support this important cause.

Downtown Chappaqua Infrastructure and Streetscape Project Update

Rumor has it that “some” think the sidewalk in front of Ibiza Kitchen is too big, and the road is too narrow. Is that true? Let’s face it, the sidewalk by Ibiza Kitchen, Family Britches & Petticoat Lane is too big!! It looked good on paper, not so much in reality (engineers tell me this happens). The final plans do allow for parking on both sides – 40’ wide with two 12’ wide travel lanes and two 8’ wide parking lanes – but that won’t happen till the spring when final work is done.  Please keep in mind that the narrowed road is a traffic calming measure to encourage safer, more responsible driving and improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. But, it’s too narrow and losing parking in front of Ibiza Kitchen, Family Britches & Petticoat Lane – even on a temporary basis – is not acceptable. The cut-out on Senter Street must also be made smaller. We will be living with this for a long time. Now is the time to fix it, and we will.

We have completed with all the drainage on North Greeley. All pipe material, etc. was removed from North Greeley. Operations have ceased for the holiday season until after the first of the year.

We know this has been a long process. Construction started in mid-June, 2017 and will likely be done at the 2 year mark. It was supposed to be completed by November, 2018. Unfortunately, weather, underground utility conflicts & a heavy dependence on utility companies caused delays. We are now running into winter. The sidewalk work, plantings & final paving cannot be done in the winter. We appreciate your patience, and hope that the finished product was worth the inconvenience.

Downtown Chappaqua

ibiza kitchenIbiza Kitchen is scheduled to open Tues., Dec. 18th. Good luck to them! As I mentioned a few weeks back, we approved the issuance of a Request for Proposals (“RFP”) so we can update our zoning. Our zoning must be consistent with our 2017 Comprehensive Plan. We must create a sustainable mix of commercial and residential uses to help revitalize the hamlet. We will be holding a pre-submission conference with interested applicants on Tues., Dec. 18th. Our holiday lights are up. This year we added lights to upper King Street.

Chappaqua Crossing

whole foodsAs many know, the road improvements at the intersection of 117 & Roaring Brook Road have yet to be completed. These delays were primarily caused by a protracted NYSDOT highway work permit approval (as they studied our requested improvements down by the railroad) and delays from the utility companies. With the onset of winter which prevents further road work from being completed, Summit Greenfield asked for temporary relief so Whole Foods & Chase Bank could open. Both the Town Board & Planning Board voted to approve the requested relief.

We granted this relief while mandating short term & long term safety improvements. Together, we prepared a Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT) plan that will immediately make the intersection safer! Safer now for both drivers & pedestrians, and safer in the future due to the permanent measures we mandated.

A big component of this MPT plan is that Summit Greenfield must pay for New Castle Police Department to control the117/RBR intersection, the Horace Greeley High School entrance/RBR intersection & the west entrance to CC (down by the highway). New Castle police will provide up to three officers, at Summit Greenfield’s expense, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. As well, Summit Greenfield must provide flaggers to be stationed as requested by the Police Department. Officers will remain until Jan. 20th.

Our MPT plan has 3 phases, Only Whole Foods & Chase Bank can open in the 1st Phase. In the 2nd phase, Life Time Fitness & Pet Valu. Here are the details:

Phase 1 – Whole Food & Chase Bank opens with a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

  • Place traffic barrels around the utility pole that will remain at the corner of 117 & RBR
  • Install concrete barriers along the S/B right turn lane on 117
  • Create paved walkway from bus stop to crosswalk with barrier between the edge of the road on the N/B side of 117
  • Temporary lighting at the bus stop and along the walkway & crosswalk
  • Painted east/west crosswalk on 117
  • Installation temporary pedestrian signal heads (all red when pushed)
  • Installation of Pedestrian Crossing ahead sign on Route 117 in 3 locations.
  • Paint “Do Not Block the Box” striping on 117 @ Annandale, Cowdin Lane & east entrance to CC
  • Installation of variable message board signs with radar speed capabilities
  • Provide variable message board on 117 directing S/B traffic for Whole Foods and the site in general to entire site into east entrance along 117
  • Reduce speed through construction zone to 25 miles per hour and signs placed as well as indicate as a message on the variable message board
  • Require Whole Foods to open on a Saturday so it doesn’t interfere with nearby Horace Greeley High School traffic and midweek commuters
  • Occupancy of the office use must be maintained at no more than 50%.
  • No construction shall occur at the intersection and approaches to the intersection at 117 & RBR, unless directed by the Town.

Phase 2 – Life Time Fitness & Pet Valu (public hearing before Phase 2) – Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

  • Relocation & removal of the utility pole at the corner of 117 & RBR
  • Pedestrian path from Cowdin Lane to Chappaqua Crossing entrance

Phase 3

  • Obtain property rights to create a pathway along 117 from Annandale to the crosswalk on 117/RBR
  • Relocate bus stop to a location within Chappaqua Crossing site (trying to do this on a temporary basis now)

We will be getting weekly reports while the MPT Plan is in operation. Our Police Department, in consultation with our traffic engineer, is authorized to make changes to the operation of the MPT plan.

Summit Greenfield has also voluntarily agreed to study & improve the site line on 117 to the north of Whippoorwill Road.

I want to thank the Town Board, Planning Board, our attorneys, Nick Ward-Willis & Les Steinman, our traffic consultant, Lou Luglio, New Castle Police Department, especially Lieutenant James Carroll, town staff, Summit Greenfield’s team & Whole Foods for their diligence, and their commitment to safety.

Whole Foods will be a member of our community for years to come. I fully expect them to be a generous member of our community. I welcome them and wish them good luck!

2019 Budget

We approved the 2019 Budget. This marks the 8th straight year that New Castle will stay within the 2% tax cap. We are staying within the cap while managing the $14.1 million borrowing necessary to replace water, sanitary sewer and storm water infrastructure in our downtown Chappaqua Hamlet. With carry-overs from prior years, the law allows us to raise taxes by more than one million dollars. Our budget only proposes a tax increase of $484,336. This amounts to a $62 increase to the average resident. Once again, we’ve maintained almost a million dollars for our paving budget.

Dual Stream Recycling

A message from the New Castle Sustainability Advisory Board: On January 1, 2019, we are going back to dual-stream recycling. As I mentioned last week, the United States used to export much of its recycling waste to China. Unfortunately, China recently stopped taking this foreign recycled waste. This change has dramatically increased the cost to accept single stream recycling causing municipalities across the country to go back to dual-stream recycling. You will hear much more about this over the next several weeks. As you may have heard, the Town of New Castle is changing its recycling collection back to dual stream effective January 1, 2019. “Dual stream” means that recycling must be separated for curbside pickup: paper and cardboard in one container, and clean glass, metal, and plastics numbered 1-6 in another. These rules also apply to items dropped off at the recycling center.

Recycling is a for-profit business and China, the largest buyer of U.S. recyclables, has dramatically curtailed what they will take, further challenging the economics of the global recycling marketplace. As a result, ReCommunity—the facility handling our recyclables—has been sending more and more single stream recyclables, including paper, to the incinerator because they are contaminated and cannot be sold. The Town’s goal is to recycle as much as possible while keeping collection fees down and dual stream collection supports that effort. Guidelines for dual stream recycling along with stickers to label your separate recycling containers will be provided with Sanipro’s 2019 Town of News Castle Refuse and Recycling Calendar, which should arrive in your mailbox in a few weeks. For more information, go to the Town of New Castle website DPW Recycling and Refuse and to the Sustainability Advisory Board’s website. Questions? Email the Sustainability Advisory Board at