Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report December 19, 2017


New Castle Supervisor’s Report – December 19, 2017

Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

Deputy Supervisor Adam Brodsky

Last night, we thanked Deputy Supervisor Adam Brodsky for his dedication and commitment to the Town of New Castle. Adam has made a difference, for sure! He left his mark on our community and earned great respect along the way. We presented Adam with a plaque with the following inscription:To Council Member Adam Brodsky:
Without vision, there would be no plan.
Without hard work and leadership, no plan would become a reality.
You had the vision to develop the plan.
You were diligent in your efforts.
Your quiet and calm leadership has put plans into action.
The Streetscape Project stands as one among a long list of notable achievements that were accomplished during your tenure on the New Castle Town Board. The Town’s future is a tribute to all you’ve done.
Presented by Town of New Castle
December 19, 2017



Last night we approved our bond issuance. As I’ve mentioned many times, our bond issuance and the debt corresponding service will not have any effect on the tax levy or tax rates. We intend to use fund balance to pay for the following new capital costs:

  • Hamlet/Streetscape $13,780,082.00
  • DPW Heavy Equipment (2014) $303,196.00
  • DPW Heavy Equipment (2015) $597,725.00
  • DPW Heavy Equipment (2016/2017) $568,882
  • Replace Fuel Tanks $500,000.00
  • Gedney Park Playground $143,895.00
  • Basketball Court/Playground $258,000.00
  • IT Infrastructure $788,350.00
  • Wallace Auditorium $150,000.00


Electric Shuttle

Last night the Town Board approved the use of the $100,000 Clean Energy Community grant for the purchase of an electric shuttle bus. As I mentioned earlier this year, thanks to our incredible Sustainability Advisory Board (“SAB”), the Town won a $100,000 grant as a result of many of our sustainability initiatives over the past couple of years. We were the first community in New York State in our size range to receive the designation of a Clean Energy Community. It’s important to remember that this grant can ONLY be used for energy related initiatives, and the clean energy use needed to be approved by NYSERDA. Our SAB strongly supported the purchase of an electric shuttle. The SAB, Town administration and the NYSERDA consultant concluded that the electric shuttle addressed the Town’s needs and met NYSERDA’s objectives. The electric shuttle is expected to eliminate approximately 50 tons of GHG emissions every year! We will reduce our carbon footprint. We committed to upholding the Paris accord, and we are doing just that! As far as it’s use, Summit Greenfield is contractually obligated to purchase and run a shuttle between Chappaqua Crossing & downtown Chappaqua. Working with Summit Greenfield, we will not only reduce our cost but replace a diesel shuttle on our roads with a far more environmentally friendly option that reduces noise pollution. The Town can also use the shuttle for connections to the Millwood hamlet, weekend shuttle trips between the train station and the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center, short-range senior outings and various community events. As well, coupled with the Town’s other sustainability initiatives, an electric shuttle visibly reinforces to current and prospective residents that New Castle is a leader in sustainability! Thank you to our SAB for making this grant possible and working on this incredible initiative. 

Changes in Federal Tax Law

With possible changes in the Federal tax law, some residents have contacted us regarding prepayment of 2018 property taxes. We are permitted under NYS tax law to collect a prepayment of the second half of 2017-18 school taxes, but we are not permitted to collect any prepayment of the 2018 Town and County taxes which will be due by April 30. If you wish to prepay second half of 2017-18 school taxes in 2017, be sure the New Castle Tax Office receives payment on or before December 31, 2017 or transmittal of payment is postmarked on or before December 31, 2017. Please note you can review your tax history on the home page of our website: Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the Tax Office at (914) 238-4773 or

Recyclables in Plastic Bags Will Not be Picked Up

I just want to provide residents with some additional information regarding the fact that as of January 1, 2018, SaniPro, our refuse collector, will no longer be accepting plastic bags in our single-stream recycling program. This includes plastic bags of any kind and size, even if there is a recycling symbol on the bag. All recyclables must be loose and unbagged and placed in recycling containers.This is not a Town decision, nor policy. This has nothing to do with our ban on plastic bags that was instituted this year. This is a policy of the recycling facility that accepts our recycling. Leaving recyclables in any sort of plastic bag creates a major problem for the recycling facility. Plastic bags cannot be sorted from other materials by existing machinery. Instead, they get caught in the conveyor belts and jam spinning wheels. The bags bring the entire sorting station to a halt. This problem is not unique to our recycling facility. It’s a problem for recycling facilities across the country.

If you use garbage bags to store and transport your recyclables, empty the bag out into the single-stream bin and reuse the bag or discard it in your regular household garbage.

If recyclables are in plastic bags, the bag will not be picked up and the SaniPro sticker shown below will be affixed to the plastic bag as a reminder.

As far as plastic shopping bags, while plastic bags are not accepted in our single-stream program, the Rite Aid in Chappaqua does accept plastic shopping bags for recycling. Since this is the only item in the bin, there is no sorting necessary and the bags from all the Rite Aid stores can go directly to a facility that utilizes the bags.

Please keep in mind we save money with single stream recycling. We save money on solid waste hauling fees by diverting materials to single-stream recycling. We have saved over $200,000 in hauling fees since single-stream recycling. So, please make the effort to adopt to this new policy. We will be greener in every sense of the word!

George Latimer

I have invited Westchester County Executive-elect George Latimer to stop by our Town Board meeting on Tuesday, January 9th. The new County Executive-elect expects to arrive around 7:30pm. I look forward to a productive working relationship with our new County Executive. 

Thank you Armstrong Plumbing & Heating Inc. & Town Prosecutor Stuart Miller

I would like to thank Town Prosecutor Stuart Miller and Armstrong Heating and Plumbing for working together to help a local family in need. It was brought to our attention that this family’s home has been without heat or hot water for nearly three years. Stu Miller reached out to Armstrong Plumbing & Heating, and without hesitation they donated their time and materials. They spent two full days last week repairing burst pipes throughout the house. The family now has heat and hot water! On that note, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy & healthy New Year!