Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report February 27, 2018

Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report February 27, 2018

Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

Gun Violence

I invited our Youth Civics Action Committee to our discussion last night about gun violence. In the wake of last week’s Florida school shooting, high school kids have been leading the charge for stricter gun control laws. Their message must be heard. I welcome the opportunity to work with our local kids to do the same. As a Town Board in New Castle, we must protect our communities from gun violence. More can be done. More must be done. More will be done. We already wrote letters to Senator Terrence Murphy and Assemblyman David Buchwald about supporting legislation to prevent gun violence. Our letters noted that twenty-two years ago, two people were fatally shot in a domestic dispute in Chappaqua. Twelve years ago, a beloved Chappaqua Central School District member was killed by her husband. The shooting occurred in the Town of New Castle. Less than two years ago, a disgruntled former faculty member shot and wounded a fellow colleague. Again, it happened in our Town, right outside a popular store where families and children congregate for good food and conversation. Our letters noted that we understand that so much is in the hands of Congress concerning proper gun control. But here, in New York State, we have the potential to act on certain measures. Governor Cuomo has proposed that all who are convicted of domestic violence charges, including misdemeanors, cannot possess a firearm. He has also proposed legislation mandating the surrender of shotguns and rifles when an order of protection is issued in a domestic violence case. The statistics support these changes in the law. The facts mandate the enactment of these laws. We also noted some common sense gun safety legislation introduced earlier this month in the New York State Senate. These bills will serve to strengthen the 2013 SAFE Act by keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people and reducing the opportunities for gun owners to make dangerous and deadly modifications to legal weapons. While we recognize that these changes are simply a start, they are, nevertheless, a step forward. We urge our Albany representatives to support these proposals and to do all you can to protect our residents. Town Board Letter to Senator Terrence Murphy dated February 16, 2018 re: Gun Safety. Town Board Letter to Assemblyman David Buchwald dated February 16, 2018 re: Gun Safety.Deputy Supervisor Lisa Katz is meeting with CCSD Superintendent Christine Ackerman to discuss working with CCSD & our police department to keep our kids safe. CCSD is committed to protecting our students and has already instituted a number of safety measures and protocols. We look forward to working together.

We are also looking into planning a trip to Albany with our students to make our voices heard. Our School Liaison Police Officer Mazzocchi already participated in Nita Loweys roundtable today.

Councilwoman Ivy Pool has suggested additional local legislation to protect our residents from gun violence. We will be reviewing & discussing various legislation over the next several months.

I am also planning a roundtable discussion. This has been tentatively scheduled for Wed, 03/21 at the Chappaqua Library Auditorium.


Chappaqua Downtown Revitalization

Our crews continue to work on Lower King St. from Greeley Ave. leading down the street towards the railroad. They are also working on N. Greeley at the intersection of King St. Traffic will be maintained from S. Greeley to King St. for night time operations.As far as potholes & ruts, as I previously mentioned, cold weather causes the temporary fix to crumble. That’s unfortunately happening in downtown Chappaqua. With the consistent warmer weather, crews will do patch work and hopefully it will stick. The road will be repaved when all excavation is completed and new curbing is installed.

Last night the Town Board approved a change order resulting in an additional charge of $30,000. This was due to the work interruption at the beginning of the year. Con Edison was asked to stop working the last week of 2017. Unfortunately, we then could not get Con Ed to return for weeks. Our contractor could not continue their work until Con Edison finally returned to remove an existing gas line.

A section of the commuter parking area at the rear of Pizza Station/Citi Bank building was initially planned to be closed next week (March 5 – March 9). That work is being rescheduled. It will most likely take place in 3 weeks. The reason for the closure (most likely in 3 weeks) is that ELQ will be receiving delivery of a 30 ton vortex drainage structure. It will need to be immediately installed upon its arrival. A crane will be on site to take the structure from the wide bed truck to the excavated pit in the parking area behind Pizza Station and Dunkin Donuts. The installation will require temporary parking suspension in both parallel rows of the three hour parking area immediately behind Pizza Station to Citibank. Some non-resident spots (about 10) will also be impacted as that second access row will be blocked off. We will advise residents when this delivery and parking closure will take place.

We continue our bi-weekly meeting with our project manager and contractor. Click here for weekly updates & two week forecast. If you would like to receive daily updates, please email me –



We are on the verge of approving a test pilot program to bring composting to New Castle. We are following the successful program implemented in Scarsdale. Composting provides a way to reduce the amount of waste that needs to be hauled away (reducing our haulage fees) and it’s good for the environment. Composting reduces waste in our landfills! Compost can be converted it into a product that’s useful for gardening & landscaping, and can even be used to create energy. We will be accepting food scraps at our recycling at no charge. Next week we will authorize the pilot program and approve the expenditure which includes the collection starter kits (which will eventually be sold to residents), toters and liners. The collection starter kits will include everything you will need to take part in the program. Thank you to our incredible Sustainability Advisory Board, especially Dick Goldsmith & Suzi Novak, for their work on this important initiative. 

Old Diner Space

Happy to report that the lease has been signed for the old diner space. A Trattoria is coming! Please keep in mind that lots of restaurants passed on the space. It’s challenging for a restaurant – no basement for storage & a walk-in refrigerator and extensive work (and money) to make it ADA compliant. We are very fortunate to have a local resident willing to invest in our community. 

Thank You

Last night the Town Board accepted the donation of 6 paintings by Valery Morris. Thank you to her husband Stuart Schaffer for thinking of us and sharing her beautiful works of art with the Town. 

Town Camp Registration

Town Camp registration opens tomorrow. Early bird discounts by May 4th. Save $50 to $100 per registration (Tots, Camp Adventure and On the Go). Camp CatalogOnline registration : You will be required to enter dates of your child’s immunizations. Please have these dates available before you start the registration process. All online registrations will be charged a 2% Convenience Fee.

In person or mail in registration: You may print the registration form, complete the form along with immunization dates and mail the form and payment to New Castle Recreation, 200 South Greeley Ave, Chappaqua, NY 10514 or bring the form and payment to the Recreation & Parks Dept. Office at Town Hall, Monday – Friday, 8:45am-4:30pm