Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report March 9, 2018





Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

Tough week!

While most residents have had their power restored, many residents are still without power. We have once again asked Con Ed to prioritize the locations that have been without power since last Friday. Multiple restoration crews are in New Castle today.

After two major storms, at the peak 3,600 in New Castle lost service. As of this morning, 614 are still without – 367 have been without power since the 1st storm. Until every house has power restored, we will not rest. We will continue to press Con Ed. We will continue to work with all elected officials, including Congresswoman Lowey’s office, the Governor’s office, Senator Murphy, Assemblyman Buchwald, County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz, to advocate for us with Con Ed.

I want to thank our DPW department for doing an incredible job. They are working round the clock with Con Ed cut & clear crews, and did an incredible job clearing snow from our roads. I also want to thank our Town Administrator, Jill Shapiro. Jill has been working 24/7 for the past week. She has been a fierce advocate for our residents!

The worst in our utility brought out the best in our Town. We live in a special community and so many of you have pitched in to help others. The outages in the middle of winter put incredible strains on people. But as temperatures in many homes dropped our residents rose to the occasion. Whether it’s offering a warm place to stay, a hot cup of coffee, rides, checking on neighbors or just sharing WiFi, there were so many examples of support. Neighbors helping neighbors. We take so much for granted until it’s taken away from us. But the understanding and compassion that permeated our Town was so impressive. It’s always nice to see the community rally with support for each other during difficult times.

There is no doubt that Con Ed dropped the ball, once again. It’s obvious Con Ed cannot handle big storms. Those out-of-state crews are the only ones we see in New Castle, and it’s clear not enough. We shouldn’t have to rely only on mutual aid. We shouldn’t have to always wait for mutual aid to arrive. Lower density communities like New Castle should not be ignored while higher density areas are restored. The information provided by Con Ed to residents is not accurate. Outages are not listed on their map. Con Ed advises residents that their service has been restored when it hasn’t, or never was out. This only creates more frustration and uncertainty. We are all outraged by Con Ed’s delayed response. Many questions need to be answered, and we will be demanding answers. Con Ed must be held accountable. We deserve better.

8 days till spring!