Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report May 15, 2019

New Castle Supervisor’s Report – 5/15/2019

Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

National Police Week

I was honored to attend the New Castle Police Department Awards Ceremony today with Deputy Supervisor Lisa Katz and Councilmembers Ivy Pool & Jeremy Saland. On behalf of the Town of New Castle I thanked the New Castle Police for protecting our community. I thanked them for their service, and dedication to our community. I thanked them for doing their job with courtesy and respect. Our Police Department consists of a diverse group of outstanding individuals. Today we recognized a few of our outstanding members. Here are the 2019 Awards:


  • Sgt Arthur Mendoza

Excellent Service Award

  • Det./Sgt Christopher Ragni
  • Det. Anthony Rotolo
  • Det. Anthony Chiarlitti
  • Det. Kevin Watts
  • P.O. Joshua Howard

Letter of Commendation

  • Sgt. Jeffrey Merritt
  • Sgt. Daniel Maldonado
  • P.O. Keith Skerritt

Letter of Recognition

  • Det. Anthony Chiarlitti
  • P.O. Christopher Rolison
  • P.O. Jason Ramirez

Citizen’s Commendation

  • Paul Heskestad

Ossining Volunteer Ambulance Corps – 10 year Anniversary!

The New Castle Town Board would like to acknowledge the 10 year anniversary of the partnership of the Ossining Volunteer Ambulance Corps (OVAC) with the Town of New Castle. OVAC provides basic and advanced life support services for 685 New Castle residents on the west side of town. This also marks the 10 year anniversary of the appointment of Dr. Robert Seebacher as a member of the OVAC Advisory Board representing New Castle. On behalf of the Town of New Castle & especially those residents covered by OVAC, thank you!

Downtown Chappaqua

On November 20, 2018 the New Castle Town Board enacted a 6 month moratorium. The moratorium was enacted to allow adequate time for the Town Board to implement new retail and commercial zoning legislation for the Chappaqua hamlet which is consistent with the 2017 Comprehensive Plan goals, which establishes the goal of creating a new and more vibrant mix of retail and residential uses through new land use regulations. Specifically, the 2017 Comprehensive Plan identifies the need to facilitate the development of housing that meets the needs of young people and older adults. Another goal of the 2017 Comprehensive Plan is creating design guidelines for retail and commercial establishments within the Chappaqua hamlet. Since the adoption of the Moratorium, the Town Board has authorized creation and issuance of a Request For Proposals (RFP) for the Chappaqua Hamlet re-zoning. We released its RFP and, after a series of interviews, the Town Board awarded the contract to Kimley-Horn. Kimley-Horn has set forth a 12 to 15 month project timeframe with draft regulations ready by November/December of 2019. Since the current moratorium will expire on June 3, 2019, we are now looking into extending it for another 6 months so that there will be time for development of new zoning regulations. The public hearing for the moratorium will be held on 5/28.

Downtown Chappaqua Infrastructure and Streetscape Project Update

Over the last several weeks, we’ve installed brick pavers on South Greeley from Town Hall to the traffic triangle, and from the library to Bell School. We also installed brick pavers on North Greeley by Rite Aid & across from Susan Lawrence. This week we started installing bollards. We will be starting night work on Monday, 5/13, to excavate the sidewalk in front of Susan Lawrence & lower King. They will also excavate for pavers in the alley way on lower King. They will work four 10 hour shifts from 8pm to 6am (Mon to Thurs). However, since the concrete plants are only open during the day, granite curb, light pole footings with conduits and sidewalks will be day work. As many have noticed, we have taken down several trees over the last few weeks. Those trees created many root-sidewalk conflicts that damaged our sidewalks. New trees will be planted in the fall. We will be utilizing structured soil to avoid root sidewalk conflicts. Structured soil forces the roots to grow down. You can read about the planting of new trees here. Please remember to check the Town of New Castle website for all updates. This week we started installing bollards in the crosswalks. To date, there have been 43 updates.

Chappaqua Crossing

Like the other retail at Chappaqua Crossing, both the Town Board & Planning Board approved the amendments necessary to allow ROCKS Jewelry Gifts Home to open. I am pleased to report that the Cupola Building at Chappaqua Crossing, which represents integrated housing, has been chosen to receive a Planning Achievement Award by the Westchester Municipal Planning Federation. As I said when it was first approved, this is affordable housing we can be proud. The Westchester Municipal Planning Federation agrees!Work on 117 continues. Just as we experienced multiple underground conflicts with Con Ed with our downtown project, so too have the developers at Chappaqua Crossing. They are waiting for the NYSDOT and Con Edison to resolve the conflict of the live and abandoned gas main relocations causing the conflicts. They expect a resolution to the conflict shortly so they can finish the drainage and road leveling. They are also working on the retaining wall along 117. Here is the updated time-line:

  • 5/6-5/13 Drainage Installation
  • 5/14-5/15 Install Shoring
  • 5/16-5/17 Wall Excavation
  • 5/20 CIP work around pole/ Installation of S1West
  • 5/20-6/7 Wall Installation
  • 6/10 S1 East TBD (DOT Approval Pending)
  • 6/10-6/11 Road Widening (North)
  • 6/3-6/7 (NYCONN) Mast Arms/ Conduit Installation
  • 6/10-6/21 T&L & Binder
  • 6/24-6/28 Top Coat
  • 7/1-7/3 Striping


Pedestrian Safety – Rapid Flashing Beacon

We have 4 rectangular rapid flashing beacons coming to town. The flashing beacons will be installed at the crosswalk by Lange’s, Shell Station, Bell parking lot & on 133 at the intersection of North County Trailway. These flashing beacons will provide additional warnings to vehicles approaching the crosswalks.

New Castle Holocaust Memorial

Work continues on a Holocaust Memorial in Town. The main location currently under consideration is by the Gazebo. We met with Manzer Landscaping who is donated their services. Thank you to Ali Rosenberg & Stacey Saiontz for their commitment & work on this incredibly important initiative.

Leaf Blower Environmental Protection Law

After multiple public hearings and lots of written comments, our incredible Sustainability Advisory Board (“SAB”) has developed a revised solution. The SAB is proposing leaf blower legislation that permits gas-powered leaf blowers during October thru May but only permits electric leaf blowers in the summertime. Eliminating gas-powered leaf blowers in the summer will reduce air pollutants & reduce noise levels. As far as greenhouse gases, it is estimated that with this proposal over 135 metric tons of CO2 annually will be saved from the atmosphere. We discussed the new legislation at a work session on May 7th. We have scheduled the public hearing for 6/11. Click here to see the “SAB Report – Leaf Blower Environmental Protection Law April 2019”Draft law available here.


Westchester County Airport

The Town Board, working collaboratively with the New Castle Airport Advisory Board, wrote a letter to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator Charles Schumer and Congresswoman Nita Lowey. We are requesting federal assistance with impacts such as noise, environmental & health. A meeting with a representative from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office has already been scheduled for Fri, May 17th.

Updates on Fuller Center for Housing Projects in New Castle

As far as King Street, framing is complete on the first floor – second floor framing is occurring now. Siding should start to go on this month. They have passive house windows ready to be installed. A far as Millwood, last week they planted flowers at the Millwood site. The building – which was falling down, leaning & on cinder blocks – has been totally rebuilt and shored up. They have passive house insulation. NYS DOT has approved the road permit.

Recreational Marijuana

We previously passed a new rule prohibiting smoking in our public parks. We also passed a local law raising the age to purchase tobacco & vape product from 18 to 21. As well, we passed a local law regulating the location of vape shop. We prohibited vape shops within 2,000 feet of the lot line of any school, 500 feet of any park, playground, library or religious institution & no more than one vape shall be located on any lot or within 1,000 feet of any other vape shop. We are now considering amending our vape law to include the same restrictions for the retail distribution, sale or offer for consumption of recreation marijuana. We held public hearings on March 26th, April 30th & May 14th. We will vote on May 28th.

New Basketball Court and Inclusive Playground

The bid for the new basketball court and inclusive playground were released last week. The bids will be returnable on May 31. We hope to be able to start the project in early August.

Multi-Use Trail RFP

The bids in response to the RFP for the multi-use trail were returnable on May 10. We received 2 responses. Staff is currently reviewing the responses. The plan is for the Town Board to review the responses in an Executive Session on Tuesday, 05/21. We will then invite the 2 potential candidates to present at an Executive Session on 6/4 – the ChapLine Committee will be invited to attend that 6/8 Executive Session.

Memorial Day Parade

Our Memorial Day Parade is right around the corner – Monday May 27. The ceremony starts at 10:30am at Victory Corners with the traditional laying of the wreath. The parade starts at 11:00am at the corner of 117 and Ridgewood Terrace. I hope everyone marks their calendar and can join us.

Blind Dog Books

Welcome Blind Dog Books located at 201 King St, Chappaqua, NY 10514, (914) 238-3000. Blind Dog Books sells used and antiquarian books, as well as, prints, ephemera and small library and/or desk items such as book ends and more.

Pout Pout Fish Musical Production

Swim along with pouty Mr. Fish and his friends in this new musical adventure. Utilizing live actors and puppets, this colorful adaptation of The New York Times bestseller is sure to turn the poutiest of frowns upside down. Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 11 AM – 2 PM, Chappaqua Performing Arts Center, 480 Bedford Road, Chappaqua. Hosted by Friends of Chappaqua Performing Arts Center


  • 11am show available here
  • 2:00pm show available here.

More information is available on the Facebook page.