Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report November 28, 2017

Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

Lots of Holiday Events This Weekend











Wine Around Town

Fri., Dec. 1st, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm – Spend an evening with the Chappaqua – Millwood Chamber of Commerce and friends Wine Tasting courtesy of local merchants. Swirl, Sniff, Sip & Enjoy! Several merchants in Chappaqua will host wine tastings from different regions in their shops. Take a look around the store and get some holiday shopping done while you taste!

NWAG Annual Art Show and Boutique at the Greeley House

Fri, Dec 1st through Sunday, Dec 3rd, Horace Greeley House, 100 King Street, Chappaqua
December 1 @ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
December 2 @ 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
December 3 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Community Sing

Holiday Crafts, Tree Lighting, & Holiday Art Show, Dec. 2, 3:30 pm – 8:00 pm. New Castle Community Sing presented by the Chappaqua Orchestra at Robert E. Bell Middle School (3:30 pm – 4:30 pm) TCO’s assistant conductor Davis Knobloch leads the orchestra’s annual holiday sing-along at Bell Middle School. Old Fashioned Crafts Workshop, Greeley House (4:30 pm – 6:30 pm). Children of all ages are invited to create old fashioned crafts and to help us decorate the community tree. This workshop will be from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm. As darkness falls, the Society’s Tree Lighting celebration (Greeley House) starts around 5:00 pm and marks the beginning of the holiday season. The Horace Greeley High School Madrigal Choir will lead in carols; and as a special treat and to delight the little ones, that jolly old elf, Santa, will pay a visit.

Lieutenant John Vize

After 40 years of police service, Lieutenant John Vize has retired. Lieutenant Vize and his family are proud and active members of law enforcement. Before joining New Castle Police Department in 1981, Lieutenant Vize served with the City of Mount Vernon and Town of Greenburgh. He has been a member of the Police Emerald Society of Westchester for 40 years. He was co-founder & the first President of the Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester County. Lieutenant Vize was President of the New Castle PBA for 13 years. He was also in charge of President William Clinton and Governor Andrew Cuomo department security details. I wish him and his family luck in his retirement and in all of their future endeavors

Downtown Infrastructure and Streetscape

Here’s a progress update:

  • Water Main has been installed and is now live on lower King Street, towards South Greeley Avenue, South Greeley Ave up to Town Hall
  • Service connections have all been connected and now operational to businesses within the site limits.
  • Temporary water main has been removed
  • Water Main and hydrant is currently being installed at the intersection of upper King Street and Greeley Ave
  • All ELQ plates on Greeley Avenue have been removed and temporary paving has taken place (Con Ed/Creamer still has some plates in place)
  • Sewer layouts have commenced and will begin cutting/install shortly

Railroad Crossing Safety

The testing of a new safety system at the Roaring Brook Road grade crossing was activated on November 20th. The intent of the new warning system is to better delineate the grade crossing area itself, and to reduce the overall number of drivers who deliberately or inadvertently stop within the grade crossing area. This new safety system involves both visual and audio warnings when a vehicle remains in the grade crossing zone for a specified period (3-5 seconds), the system activates the blank-out sign advising “Warning, Get off Tracks.” If the vehicle remains in the zone, the wayside horn begins an audible warning with the same message: “Warning, Get off Tracks.” If the grade crossing warning system (flashing lights) is activated due to an approaching train while the vehicle remains in the detection zone, the wayside horn sounds the audible message “Get off Tracks–Train Coming” and the blank-out sign alternately displays “Get off Tracks” in white and “Train Coming” in yellow.

Saw Mill Sewer District

The Town has sent out two separate mailings to residents within the Saw Mill Sewer District to try and establish definitively who within the district has sewer service and who is serviced by septic. It is our intention to reach out to all of those residents within the Saw Mill Sewer district who pay the sewer tax but receive no services because they are on septic and ask their permission to include them within a petition to opt out of the district. Once we have received permission we will be assembling a petition to opt those parcels out of the district. That petition will be submitted to the County Board of Legislators for approval. Our time table for this project is Spring of 2018.

Millwood Sewers

The Town of New Castle has identified the Hamlet of Millwood as a priority area for the construction of sanitary sewers to replace existing capacity limited and failing septic systems to encourage economic growth in the Hamlet. Woodard and Curran have been tasked with technical and financial feasibility study for the installation of sewers in the Millwood Hamlet. It is the first step in the process of bringing sewers into that Millwood Hamlet. Woodard and Curran’s presentation to the Town Board is scheduled for Monday, December 11th.

2018 Preliminary Budget

Tonight we are opening the public hearings for the 2018 Preliminary Budget. We hope to approve the budget on Monday, December 11th. Once again, our preliminary budget provides residents with the essential municipal services they expect and deserve, repair the long neglected infrastructure and respect the tax cap. We were presented with the opportunity to raise the total tax levy by $698,284 for 2018 and still remain within the tax cap. However, the preliminary budget contemplates increasing the levy by 1.06% or an increase of $219,632, less than one-third the amount allowable under the tax cap for this year. Our tax increase is $23 increase per average household. Our paving budget was increased by another $100,000 to $922,452. In addition, the Town has maintained our $25,000 funding for beautification, and $10,000 for public safety initiatives. Click here for 2018 Preliminary Budget.


Last night we opened the public hearings for our bond issuance. As I’ve mentioned many times, our bond issuance and the debt corresponding service will not have any effect on the tax levy or tax rates. As we have discussed in the past, we intend to use fund balance to pay for new capital costs. Some of the items are reimbursement for previous expenditures. It’s common practice for a municipality to use their general fund for capital expenses then replenish the general fund when issuing bonds. This allows us to combine capital expenditures into a single bond deal, rather than a series of smaller deals, which reduces issuance costs.

  • Hamlet/Streetscape $13,780,082.00
  • DPW Heavy Equipment (2014) $303,196.00
  • DPW Heavy Equipment (2015) $597,725.00
  • DPW Heavy Equipment (2016/2017) $568,882
  • Replace Fuel Tanks $500,000.00
  • Gedney Park Playground $143,895.00
  • Basketball Court/Playground $258,000.00
  • IT Infrastructure $788,350.00
  • Wallace Auditorium $150,000.00