Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report November 3, 2017

Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report November 3, 2017

New Castle Supervisor’s Report – 11/1/2017

Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

CollageLast year, at our 1st Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, I spoke about the importance of saying thank you. Specifically, extending the thanks of our Town Board and on behalf of our residents to the volunteers who do so much for New Castle.

Last night, we again said thank you. We honored our volunteers who are builders without brick and mortar. We honored our volunteers who share with their community their knowledge, their appreciation of civic duty and their respect for the rights of others. Each of our volunteers have helped build our community through sharing their special talents and commitment to benefit others without seeking personal gain.

James Shanman, who regrettably passed away less than two months ago, understood the importance of civic duty, and left us with the lasting legacy of our model ethics code. He volunteered his time to the effective and honest operation of government.

We honored Terrence Dunn for his 18 years of service on the Architectural Review Board. He is yet another an example of selfless dedication to our community

We honored Marian Williams, who has provided a long career of commitment to community and national organizations that serves as a model for us all. So many volunteers credit Marian for pointing them in the right direction.

We honored Gray Williams, who means so much to our town. It is beyond dispute that in order to know where we are going, we must know where we’ve been. Gray’s endeavors in searching for and memorializing our Town’s history benefits us all.

The respect James had for honesty, the dedication of Terrence Dunn, the selflessness that Marian demonstrates through working with civic organizations and the commitment Gray has made to valuing our past are all reasons to give thanks.

Respect, dedication, selflessness and commitment. We cannot ask for more from our residents and, of course, ourselves.

Please consider joining one of our volunteer committees. Click on the names to learn more. Here is the application to apply.

Welcome to the Budget

We completed our budget meetings with all department heads. Once again, our tentative budget provides residents with the essential municipal services they expect and deserve, repair the long neglected infrastructure and respect the tax cap. Our bond issuance and the debt corresponding service will not have any effect on the tax levy or tax rates. As we have discussed in the past, we intend to use fund balance to pay for new capital costs in 2018. We were presented with the opportunity to raise the total tax levy by $691,063 for 2018 and still remain within the tax cap. However, the tentative budget contemplates increasing the levy by 1.09% or an increase of $224,043, less than one-third the amount allowable under the tax cap for this year.

Our tax increase is on par with our prior 3 budgets.

  • 2015 – $9 increase per average household
  • 2016 – $20 increase per average household
  • 2017 – $28 increase per average household
  • 2018 – $23 increase per average household

Our paving budget is on par with our prior 3 budgets, but was increased by another $100,000!

  • 2015 – $1,014,455 – more than in the three prior years combined!
  • 2016 – $870,324
  • 2017 – $822,452
  • 2018 – $922,000

In addition, the Town has maintained our $25,000 funding for beautification. Click here for 2018 Tentative Budget.

The Preliminary Budget will be released at our 11/8 Town Board meeting. We will then set the public hearing for 11/28. We hope to approve the budget on 12/12.

As for as our bond:

  • Hamlet/Streetscape $13,780,082.00
  • Minkel Dam $1,093,000.00
  • DPW Heavy Equipment (2014) $303,196.00
  • DPW Heavy Equipment (2015) $597,725.00
  • DPW Heavy Equipment (2016/2017) $600,000.00
  • Replace Fuel Tanks $500,000.00
  • Gedney Park Playground $143,895.00
  • Basketball Court/Playground $258,000.00
  • IT Infrastructure $788,350.00
  • Wallace Auditorium $150,000.00

Next step….bond counsel prepares the resolutions with the breakdown of the items we intend to include in the bond. The Town Board will open public hearings. The Town Board must approve the resolutions. After the resolutions are approved, we offer our bond to the market.

This list of projects we intend to borrow for is listed below. I have a call with bond counsel tomorrow to discuss the next steps and timing. I anticipate this will be wrapped up by year end or January at the latest.

Once the bond counsel prepares the resolutions, the board will open public hearings, and ultimately approve the resolutions. Simultaneously I will be working with our financial advisor to prepare our official statement. When the resolutions are approved and the official statement is prepared we offer our bond to the market.