Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report September 12, 2017

Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report September 12, 2017

Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

New Castle Community Day

Please join us on Saturday, September 16th from 11am to 3pm for Chappaqua Rotary’s Annual Community Day at the Chappaqua Train Station – so much to see and do! Spend time and have fun with your neighbors and friends while enjoying food, drinks, games and rides. Renew your passport at the Westchester County mobile passport van. Bring all those old documents to the mobile shredder. Meet and greet our generous sponsors and merchants. Save lives at our biannual blood drive (this fall with the Red Cross from 9am to 3pm). See an educational interactive brain exhibit (thanks to New Castle United for Youth). We look forward to seeing you there. 

Chappaqua Performing Arts Center: Cyrille Aimee

Please join us on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 8pm for a concert with Cyrille Aimee. Her hybrid of influences has resulted in an award-winning vocal style that incorporates gypsy swing with Brazilian rhythms and melodies into well-known standards and original compositions. More information and tickets available here

Chappaqua Performing Arts Center: Art Show “Revolution – Art for Positive Social Change”

An exciting art exhibition to New Castle entitled “Revolution – Art for Positive Social Change.” The works are timely and incredible. Come see the show before you see Cyril Aimee on September 23rd, and again on the 24th at the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center. 

Support our Merchants During Construction (& Always!)

As we all know, downtown Chappaqua is under construction. We’re working on comprehensive infrastructure (water, sewer, stormwater, and roadway improvements), as well as landscape design and streetscape improvements for the Chappaqua Hamlet. While short-term sacrifice will bring long-term benefits, we must all do our best to lessen the impact on our merchants during construction. For our part, this week our construction company (ELQ) will be starting night work. We have minimized the loss of parking spots and the sidewalks have remained opened. We have always pulled together as a community to help one another. This is one of those times for our merchants. Please support our merchants during construction! Details about the project can be found here

Gabby Rosenfeld Award

Last year we presented the family of Gabby Rosenfeld with a plaque to honor Gabby’s dedication and service to the Town. Starting this year, we will be presenting the Gabby Rosenfeld Award to honor a resident for their dedication and service to the Town. Gray Williams has been nominated to be the 1st recipient of the Gabby Rosenfeld Award. Our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner scheduled for November 1st, 6:30pm, Kittle House. 

Millwood 200 Year Anniversary

We’re having a big celebration for Millwood’s 200 Year Anniversary on Sat., October 28, 12-5p, Gedney Park (back). We’re having a big stage and band. We’re also planning on having food trucks, beer garden, as well as rides, face painting, hay ride, and other fun activities for kids – admission is free. We will have a shuttle bus to get people from the parking in the front field and overflow parking at WestOrchard school to the back of Gedney. I would like to thank our sponsors:

  • DeCicco & Sons
  • Millwood Plaza
  • Rocky’s Millwood Deli
  • Sunshine Children’s Home & Rehab Center
  • Mavis Tire Supply
  • Summit Grossman
  • Kiwi Country Day Camp
  • Drug Mart of Millwood
  • Millwood Animal Hospital
  • Sari Shaw, Platinum Drive Realty
  • Tazza Cafe
  • New Castle Physical Therapy & Personal Training
  • Dodd’s Liquor City


There is no doubt we have a lot of caching up to do in regard to paving. Over the last 3 years, we’ve spent close to $3,000,000 but many more roads need to be paved. We are committed to paving our roads but we must also face the reality that we live with a tax cap. We are revitalizing downtown Chappaqua, and that counts toward the tax cap. Having said that, we pay a lot in taxes and our residents deserve smooth roads. It’s a balancing act. We are doing our best. Here is an update on the Town roads being paved this year:

  • Whippoorwill Crossing – Done
  • Turner Drive – Done
  • Turner Drive South – Done
  • Kitchel – Done
  • Glendale – Done (completed yesterday)
  • Inningwood – was started today and will finish tomorrow.
  • Shingle House – was started will be finished soon
  • North Place – next week
  • South Place – next week
  • East Place – next week
  • West Place – next week
  • Mid Place – next week
  • Curtis – next week

As far Route 120 paving, many residents have noticed that a car (or cars) rode over the white pavement markings while the paint was still wet. I’ve been told that most of these markings will fade and disappear over the next several months. 

Pedestrian Safety

I have reached out to NYS DOT to obtain permission for “Yield for Pedestrians” signs. We need one on Route 133 at the North County Trail crossing. We also need some for downtown Chappaqua. NYS DOT has agreed to grant us a permit to place these signs. We are also looking into Rapid Flashing Rectangular Beacons at some of the Towns un-signalized crosswalks. Our Police Chief feels they would be helpful at the top of King Street (i/f/o Langes), Woodburn and Greeley, and Millwood Road (133) at the trailway crossing. NYS DOT told us that these flashing lights are relatively new and has yet to be installed on State highways. NYSDOT is still investigating them. Please remember to be extra careful in downtown Chappaqua while construction is taking place. At Construction sites, pedestrian safety is everyone’s responsibilityReminders for the Driver:

  • Slow down, especially wherever your vision is obstructed.
  • Proceed cautiously through any congested area
  • Watch for pedestrians
  • Watch for flaggers
  • Watch for construction vehicles

Reminders for Pedestrians:

  • Avoid running. The driver’s visibility may be limited due to blind spots.
  • Use crosswalks
  • Watch for tripping hazards

Keeping of Chickens

Many comments and concerns were raised at last week’s public hearing on the proposed local law on the Keeping of Chickens. The Planning Board will be reviewing the proposed local law at its meeting on September 13, 2017. The public hearing was adjourned to 9/26. At the meeting it was noted that 13% of the Town’s population live on lots less than ½ acre and 18% of the Town’s population lives on lots between ½ acre to 1 acre. Some feel 6 chickens on 1 acre is a very low number. The proposed local law currently states that all coops and enclosures must be located a minimum of 20 feet from any lot line or the minimum setback of the district in which they are located. Rachel Herschman, a Greeley student who spoke at the 9/6 Town Board Meeting, will be doing a basic chicken ownership presentation at the Chappaqua Library on Sunday October 1st from 1:30-3:30pm. Her presentation will include where to get chickens (hatcheries, incubation), chick care, feed requirements and management, proper coop requirements, predator protection, chicken illnesses/diseases, chicken breeds, how to tell a female from a male, chicken development, chicken terminology, proper waste management, etc. She will also be at the Girl Scout booth during Community Day to do chicken themed crafts and to talk about backyard chickens and the importance of getting involved in local government. 

Vape Shops

Use of electronic cigarettes has been growing steadily in popularity over the past decade. We are looking into regulating vape shops. We are considering various distance restrictions that limit the distance of a vape shop from any park, playground, library, religious institution, or school. To be valid, the zoning ordinance must not be broader than necessary to achieve its purpose. The law would be unconstitutional if the buffer acts to prohibit vape shops in the Town completely. After considering buffers between 250 feet to 750 feet, our attorneys are recommending a 500 foot buffer. The public hearing for the Vape Law has been set for October 10, 2017. 

September is National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. National Preparedness Month encourages thoughtful preparation for emergencies at home, at work, in school, and in the community. Each weekday throughout the month of September the Town of New Castle’s Community Preparedness Committee is providing valuable tips and advice on how residents can prepare for emergencies . You can see all tips here

LED Lights

Our incredible Sustainability Advisory Board (“SAB”), in conjunction with our incredible Department of Public Works, have been testing LED streetlights. The goal is to save energy, greenhouse gases and $. There were 5 test lights throughout the town. I was happy to join Steve Wolk, Chair of the Committee, Joan Sepler & Rick Stein on a nighttime field trip to test out the lights.